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The ClearBalance Program by CSI Financial Services has become one of the healthcare industry’s fastest-growing loan programs by supporting hospitals nationwide in their overall mission: caring for the physical and financial well-being of the members of their community.




Headquartered in San Diego, CSI is the industry leader in providing zero- and low-interest bank loans to patients with affordable monthly payments. All patients are serviced in-house by our specially-trained call center staff, ensuring the best possible treatment for your patients. Since 1992, CSI has provided bank loans to more than 604,000 patients nationwide with a 99% patient satisfaction rate!

Featuring easy qualification criteria and no written application requirement, the ClearBalance program assures that patients will quickly and easily qualify for a patient-friendly bank loan. Patients are never faced with prepayment penalties, origination fees or annual fees – further ensuring patient satisfaction. ClearBalance is so confident in its ability to meet the needs of patients that we recently launched the healthcare industry’s first patient loan program with a Money Back Guarantee.

ClearBalance provides hospitals with tangible, measurable benefits:

  • Accelerating cash from self-pay receivables
  • Reducing A/R days
  • Preventing patients from going to collections
  • Reducing bad debt by 20% or more
  • Eliminating administrative costs of trying to collect self-pay balances
  • Improving patient relations and satisfaction – encouraging patients that pay their bills to utilize your facility in the future

With ClearBalance, healthcare providers can choose the loan program that best fits their mission, financial objectives and the needs of their patients.

The ClearBalance Program by CSI Financial Services is led by a team of executives who have more than 125 years of experience working in the healthcare and finance industries. The CSI team brings not only a deep understanding of the revenue cycle, but also solutions for the challenges that out-of-pocket medical expenses pose for patients, and ultimately for healthcare providers.


Zero-Interest Flex Program

Patients pay no interest over an extended period of time, dependent on the patient’s financial needs and account balance. The healthcare provider has the flexibility to offer each patient a monthly payment he or she can afford. This is a critical part of reducing default, keeping patients out of collections and improving patient satisfaction. The healthcare provider is funded upfront for patient account balances, and ClearBalance manages ALL aspects of customer servicing.

EZ-Flex Program

Complement current revenue cycle processes by offering an attractive alternative to patients who cannot pay their balance in one lump sum. Patients receive a revolving line of credit with a low interest rate and affordable monthly payments. The healthcare provider is funded upfront for patient account balances, and ClearBalance manages ALL aspects of customer servicing. The ClearBalance EZ-Flex Program offers patients the ability to pay their medical expenses by securing a loan with a below market interest rate.

The ClearBalance Zero-Interest Flex and EZ-Flex Programs offer a series of benefits to patients and providers, including:

Patient Benefits:

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalties or punitive interest
  • Consolidated statements for all amounts due to the healthcare provider with the ability to add on obligations incurred at the healthcare facility
  • Resolve balance over time without being sent to collections

Provider Benefits:

  • Allows flexibility to match monthly payment to amount patient is willing and able to pay
  • Reduce A/R days and bad debt
  • Increase cash flow
  • Statements are sent to patients in the bank’s name to further reduce default
  • Improve patient relations







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United States of America

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