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Digi-Trax Corporation was founded in 1986 as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and System Integrator (SI) of Automatic Data Capture (ADC) systems.

Our primary focus is to provide innovative solutions to the healthcare community. We are a complete source for hardware, software, supplies and service. Digi-Trax's Auto-ID/Data Collection applications include products for blood banking, transfusion, laboratory, patient identification, pathology, and more.

Digi-Trax is a member of Clinical Lab Management Association (CLMA), American Association of Blood Banking (AABB), and a registered manufacturer with the International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation (ICCBBA). We have been consulting members to the International Society for Blood Transfusion (ISBT) and the ISBT Working Party on Automation and Data Processing (WPADP). The WPADP has been responsible for developing the new ISBT 128 bar code labeling standards. We have also actively participated in the AABB ISBT-128 Task Force that developed the ISBT-128 implementation guideline.

We are active participants in the Americas Technical Advisory Group (ATAG). This group is charged with the management of the US Consensus Standards for ISBT-128. Digi-Trax is also a member of ISBER (International Society of Biological and Educational Repositories) and the AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks).





Label Media





Auto-ID products have become both an important facet in the patient safety and satisfaction equation, plus a source of revenue for partners. The ease with which these Auto-ID peripheral products are integrated and serviced are important to clients, often far beyond their actual cost. The function of these products also has a critically high value in the total information system.


Having a strategic partner/supplier exclusively focused on these technical ancillary items with specific knowledge of both healthcare and Auto-ID is a valuable resource. Knowledge has always been the scarcest of all resources.

Most clients have huge resources and great expertise, but can greatly leverage their expertise by working cooperatively with a "Value Added Reseller ( VAR )” franchise like Digi-Trax with micro-knowledge regarding printers, scanners, RFID, bar coding, label materials, adhesives, label design and on-demand printing software for various Auto-ID applications like the ISBT128 initiative. Our specific focus on healthcare and life-sciences allows us to add significant Auto-ID and media know-how to the needs of the clients we serve.


Large publicly held companies often foreclose niche know-how and certain innovative solutions in their large scale planning. The demands of this scale with big bottom line needs may limit their choices. Thus a large company’s central type planning often cannot replace the agility and responsiveness of smaller closely managed franchises or agents.

Digi-Trax can cite many examples of where our " Value-Add” has had a positive multiplier effect for our customers.







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