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Handysoft’s award-winning business process management software, BizFlow®, is used by Health Services Providers to improve business processes. By moving from costly, error-prone manual processes to automated workflow solutions, our customers gain control and visibility over documents and information. This leads to improved services, improved productivity, reduced costs and better overall business performance. Deployed in both Commercial and Government organizations, BizFlow has been proven by more than 600,000 users. In Health Services those organizations include:

  • Health Plan Providers
  • Service Providers
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Government

Ways We Help Our Customers

HandySoft helps Health Service provides automate a broad range of processes delivering a myriad of business solutions. These processes include provider specific processes such as:

  • Outpatient order referral management for Hospitals
  • Appeals and grievances for Health Plan Providers
  • Clinical trial data management for device manufacturers and laboratories
  • Other common place processes found in HR, finance and IT.

We do this by helping them improve key information management challenges

Automate manual, paper based processes

With BizFlow’s electronic forms capabilities customers can easily collect data (order referrals from physicians, grievance forms from a plan member or data from a clinical trial subjects). Once captured, BizFlow’s® process engine dynamically routes that information to the next appropriate step in the process, which is defined using BizFlow’s® visual workflow modeling tool.

Process faxes or other electronic documents

Upon receipt of a fax or scanned document, a workflow process can be triggered, moving these electronic documents to web-based work queues where team members can easily access them.

Integrate with existing business systems

Seamlessly update information in one or more existing systems (scheduling systems, claims systems, patient management systems, CRM and others), eliminating the need to manually rekey data. BizFlow® Adaptors enable integration with a broad range of databases and systems.

Define deadlines and corresponding actions and alerts

When defining workflows, easily specify deadlines and corresponding alerts. Automatically send email notification to supervisors of uncompleted work past deadline or enable reprioritization of work in the work queue.

Monitor and Report on all work in-progress

Gain real-time visibility into the status of any work item (order, study data, claim), create ad-hoc reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators, service level agreements, workload and more.

Healthcare Processes Automated

Outpatient Order Referral Management

For hospitals and other service providers, improving how outpatient orders are managed can significantly improve physician loyalty and satisfaction, reduce costs and improve staff productivity. Learn More…

Appeals and Grievances

Health Plans and State agencies are required to provide a method for members to submit grievances and appeal decisions. BizFlow’s ability to manage both structured and unstructured processes is the perfect solution. Learn More…

Capital Acquisition Management

Considering capital budgeting brings together a variety of people, systems, paper and approvals, many large organizations (manufacturers, utilities, universities) have chosen to streamline it with BizFlow® BPM. Learn More…

Policy Management

To complete its vision to provide quality, world-class healthcare and health services to more than 2.6 million beneficiaries across 75 hospitals,the US Air Force Medical Service must create and support seamless coordination across many organizational levels. Defining policies requires information coordination between many disparate groups including: financial management, health care operations, medical plans and programs, force development, JAG, modernization, and congressional and public affairs. BizFlow is used to coordinate the drafting, review and deployment of policies that are often highly visible, complex and need to be issued in a short period of time. Read The Air Force Medical Case Study…

Claims Processing and Claims Auditing

Even with existing systems, many processes related to claims management and auditing are still highly manual. BizFlow facilitates capture at the front end of the process and workload distribution, this capability can be used to track activities that are not supported by existing systems and automate integration to eliminate human activities where possible allowing reps, adjusters and others to focus on high value tasks.

Clinical Trials Data Management

BizFlow has helped Cardiocore, cardiac safety specialists, and other organizations manage data and information associated with studies for pre-clinical and clinical trials. Streamlined information management and reviews help improve productivity, shorten time to market, reduce the time required to gather metrics and improve data quality. Complete audit trails are also available for future inquires and to provide supporting evidence.

Finance/Administrative/IT/HR and more

Administrative functions are always a target for cost reductions. One of the great advantages of using BizFlow is that it can be leveraged to automate all types of processes. Many of our customers have implemented dozens and even hundreds of processes with BizFlow. This includes recruitment management, time-off requests and other employee self service applications, invoice processing, time-slips management, expense reporting and more.


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