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Established in 1998, HRS Erase is a Missouri Corporation headquartered in Lee's Summit. Our first eligibility contract for Erase, Inc. was in September 1998. In February 1999, we purchased Healthcare Reimbursement Specialists (HRS) to form the current company, HRS Erase.
Since 1998, HRS Erase has accomplished the goal of establishing an organization which encompasses dual objectives for both the hospital and the patient. HRS Erase has established regional offices in Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, & Wisconsin and we currently service clients in 19 different states.

Delivering More For Your Hospital & Your Patients


HRS Erase provides Revenue Cycle Solutions including eligibility enrollment services, workers compensation, out-of-state Medicaid and aged receivables services.

We gain this advantage from our "Patient First" approach to eligibility. We believe our approach focuses on the most important aspect - the patient. The heart of every eligibility company's job is to work with patients and help them enroll in various assistance programs, and we know that our ability to perform depends entirely on the cooperation of the patients we serve.

Our aged receivables services (including billing conversions) utilize cutting-edge tools that reduce turnaround time and maximize billings for your facility.

At HRS Erase we have found by putting our focus on the patient first, delivering more value added service and a higher level of client service we have a solid recipe for success.




Eligibility Services

Worker's Compensation

Out-of-State Medicaid

Third Party Billing & Follow-Up


Exclusive Technology                     

HRS Erase is pleased to offer 1 Fast Access as part of our comprehensive Day 1 Eligibility package. 1 Fast Access is a totally secure web-based application that helps our caseworkers and our client hospitals qualify eligible patients quickly and easily. Our exclusive software also helps our specialists dig deeper to find more for patients and for our client hospitals. We help to manage and enhance your revenue cycle while doing more for your patients and helping to manage patient satisfaction and community relations for your hospital. 1 Fast Access also allows HRS Erase to run our reconciliation report for clients to insure that all hospital information is complete and current for eligibility patients. Along with our reconciliation report HRS Erase also offers customized reporting based on the hospital's needs. Make sure you have all the facts all the time with HRS Erase and 1 Fast Access custom reporting for your hospital.


While we employ the latest in technology we also understand that eligibility is a people business and we never use technology in place of people, we use technology to empower our people. With a powerful tool like 1 Fast Access our specialists are not only able to assist patients to qualify for medical assistance but we also assist with additional programs like housing assistance, Food Stamps and Disability. By doing more for your patients we deliver more for you in the form of higher recoveries, greatly enhanced patient satisfaction and community relations as well as better communication and reporting all through the process. Get more with HRS Erase and 1 Fast Access.


Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Reporting and Communication to a Higher Standard

In an age of social networking with the Internet, patient satisfaction and opinion have suddenly become even more important than before. Online networking sources from Facebook to Angie's List all give patients the opportunity to express opinions and share experiences. Suddenly the opinion of just one patient can be heard by potentially thousands of people or more, so managing patient satisfaction has become more critical than ever.
At HRS Erase we understand the emerging needs of hospitals to manage patient satisfaction in new ways and we incorporate patient satisfaction surveys in our process to assist hospitals in this management process. We assist all of our client hospitals in maintaining a top patient satisfaction rating because we understand how important just one opinion is.



Physical Security                                                         

Commitment to HIPAA   

HRS Erase utilizes state-of-the-art network encryption systems to allow confidential and private data to be sent and received with the highest degree of security. We have the additional capabilities to send and receive email with the same level of security. Our systems integrity is checked automatically on a daily basis.

Eligibility Rates

HRS Erase has eligibility success rates of 87%, much higher than the national average.

Disability Success Rates

With Disability success rates of 79% HRS Erase is a leader in the field.

Careful Case Review

HRS Erase starts with lower caseloads to provide more personal service to your patients and then reviews 100% of all patient files by supervisors to insure every eligible patient receives the benefits they are entitled to.






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